The Unconquerable Softness

There is a silver pendant around my neck; hammered prettily into the shape of a hare. It glimmers in the glow from the fairy lights, a moon-struck creature leaping over the white fields of my flesh.

One eyelid is red and swollen, there’s infection there. He touches it very gently with hands he washed twice, frowns. After putting the drops in as delicately as watering a rare and special plant, he pulls me into the copper smell of his chest, kissing the top of my head. I feel the slight pressure of his lips against my hair, tickling a little circle of my scalp.


We breathe quietly in and out, the animal happiness of our skin touching, of togetherness. His stubble is short and scratches my forehead a little, his arm shielding my spine. With every gentle exhalation I unravel a little more, a bright green fern frond uncurling.

Moments like this, that sing out from the tenderest parts of the heart, the sweetness of that melting time, are rarer and more resplendent than Jupiter’s rain of diamonds. An unconquerable softness; a revelation in ease, yielding to the touch of a cloud.

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